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Thursday, April 26, 2012
By Bryce Lafoon
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Who and what inspires you?  As a photographer, I am constantly looking for inspiration to get my creative juices flowing.  Often I look at social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to learn methods from other photographers and to inspire me to take my photos to another level.  On Instagram, I love finding talented photographers and sharing my findings with my friends so that they discover these wonderful artists as well.   I find photographers thru word of mouth, hashtags, internet sites such as web.stagram, and the ever so popular- popular page.  Today, I have decided to share with you my top 12 Instagramers in no particular order.  These photographer continue to amaze me on a daily basis and make me want to work harder.  Some of them are masters of editing, some of them are DSLR all-stars, and some of them are creative geniuses- they just dont know it.  If you get a chance check out these Instagramers and see for yourself.  


1. Herbert Schroer   25,749 Followers     Herbert from Delft, Netherlands  is a nature photographer who also has a great knack for editing.  Herbert has a great eye for depth of field.  His photos almost always involve the outdoors from tops of mountains to the ski slopes. 


2. Lauren Sawyer  lauren_sawyer   7,121 Followers   Lauren from Maine is one of the most creative photographers on Instagram.  Her work simply blows my mind everyday.  She often performs visual tricks on her followers by turning frames upside down, using objects to represent other objects, and using her aperture and shutter to enhance photos.  


3. Emily Rose   emily_120    30,176 Followers     Emily is a highly-skilled, young photographer who's photos are like a color explosion from the sky.  I could get lost in her sunsets and trees.  


4 MR.007   mr007   33,151 followers    Mr 007 from Tokyo, Japan has  some of the best black and white photos found on Instagram.   Not only are his photos outstanding, but 007 truly has a great eye for lighting and use of natural and ambient light.


5. Bongwaterjoe    bongwaterjoe  1295 followers     With a user name like Bong water Joe,  one  would have to think that this Instagramer is a bit different.  After looking at his photos, you will see that different is a understatement.  There is not another photographer like him.  His work is an assortment of diferent shapes, objects, and colors.  I love his work.   


6. #FeleCool   Felecool    21,840 Followers    FeleCool's photos put the Cool in the word Cool.  Hailing from Denmark, his photos can be described as retro-nautical.  He has a keen eye for composition and use of color and lighting is phenominal.


7. Kael punkodelish   34,744 Followers  Another Instigramer who's photos I could look at all day is punkodelish.  Her photos which vary from cities to forests come in an array of colors.  She often uses one of my favorite lenses the notorius fisheye.  


8. Jason Green jasor 5287 Followers,   Jason,  graphic designer and Instagram Promoter is one of the most mindblowing artists that I have encountered on Instigram.  Jason is an editing wizard and often labels photos World on Fire, Unicorns and Pixiedust, and EpicSauce.  His photos are truly Epic to say the least.  


9. akshiloh  akshiloh   15,523 followers  Danny, hailing from the last frontier state, Alaska, should work for the Alaska Board of Tourism.  He is one of the best wildlife and nature photographers on Instagram and is always taking you to a cold but friendly place filled with Moose, Bear, and all the Glaciers you could ever imagine.


10. Automat.  namiag  2,302 Followers    I am a sucker for Robots.  From the Czech Republic- automats photos are differnt types of Robots from all over the world.  I have seen everything from 50's Japanese Robots to the old Rock Em Sock Em game that was popular back in the 60's.   I love his ROBOTS. I LOVE ROBOTS!!! 


11.  Izzy   izzyl     14763 Followers   Young and talented, her photos are a fast-fueled, ride on her longboard.  Her photos take you to the beach, under the water, and back around the block thru some of the best pictures near Florida's beaches.  Go check her out, before she skates away.  


12_w_a_v_e_r_l_y_  2881 Followers   Waverly from Asheville, NC  is an ariel acrobat.  She can often be seen dangling from a rope Cirque de Soleil style or performing at Moog fest to some rocking DJ or symph rock.  Her photos take you thru a journey of performances and training as an aerilist. 


There are so many great photographers on Instagram its hard to choose just 12 that I enjoy following. These are some  of my favorite. ----Round 1.  Later,  I will post another round of Shape_shifters favorite Instigramers.   If you enjoyed reading this BlogPost and use Instagram- maybe  you can leave some of your favorites in the comment underneath.  I  would definitely like to check them out and see just what's been inspiring you.    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!